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Things to remember while installing an electric water heater

If you just got a new electric water heater and you want to install it in your bathroom by yourself, then you will not find any trouble in it. However, there are certain things that you need to remember while installing an electric water heater, so you can stay away from any kind of injuries. In order to help more, we are mentioning those precautions below.


Read the manual: Many people just throw the manual in a dust been assuming they learn it by themselves. Well, this is not a good practice to do while installing an electric water heater, so make sure you do read the manual with proper observation and you do only as guided by the document. With this method you will not only save your time, but you will also make sure that you do not void the warranty of your water heater.


Turn off the electricity and water supply: We all know that combination of electricity and water is deadly for any human soul and if things go wrong it can kill you as well. So before installing an electric water heater, make sure you turn off your main electricity supply and water supply both. Also, put a note on both the switched in red block later that “do not turn it on until work is done”.


Follow the steps of installation: Once you do it, you just need to follow the steps that are mentioned in the manual or step by step installation guide of your electric water heater. Also, make sure that you do not deviate at any point in this guide and if you find any trouble or confusion in it don’t hesitate making a call to the water heater company.


Check the installation: Once you do the installation first, turn on the water supply and make sure you do not have any leakage. After you get a confirmation that water is not leaking, turn off all the other electrical equipment, turn on the water heater and check if it’s working fine or not. If all things are clear, then you can use it with no problems.