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Got issues with your hot water system? Take it easy and contact a local plumber. At Plumber Strathfield, we prioritise your needs as if they were our own. Our hot water specialists are well-equipped and highly skilled to solve all types of hot water problems.

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Hot Water Installation in Strathfield

The alarm hadn’t gone off, again! Well, it had, and she’d hit off instead of snooze, but still! Anastasia jumped into the shower and jumped out again just as

quickly. The water was running cold. She shut off the cold water and twisted on the hot tap. Nothing happened. This was not looking like a good day. She

jumped back into her pajamas and tested the kitchen hot tap. Nothing. Great. She called her local Strathfield Plumber and begged him to get there that

morning. The instant she hung up from him she was on to work, explaining that she would be late.

The Neighbourhood Plumber arrived that morning, having been able to fit Anastasia in. He tested her hot water taps before checking the actual heater. After a

couple of tests he found that the element had failed. Without the element the tank didn’t work, so it needed to be replaced. Anastasia agreed, there was no

way she could survive without hot water! The Plumber got to work replacing the failed element with a new one. Once done he tested the tank and found it to be

working normally once more. While he was checking the rest of the tank, he also found the sacrificial anode in the tank was starting to wear away. He

explained that the sacrificial anode basically gave up its life to protect her water tank from rust. It would get eaten away instead of the tank, prolonging

the life of her hot water. He showed her the anode in her tank along with a picture of a healthy one that he had inside an information booklet. Seeing how

damaged it was, she consented to this as well. She didn’t want to deal with any hot water issues for a while after today!

If you have issues with your hot water system in the Strathfield area, call your local Neighborhood Plumber and organizing an appointment today! The number is 0488 886 246.

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