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Emergency Plumbing

Experiencing a plumbing emergency? Put your mind at ease and contact a certified plumber immediately. At Plumber Strathfield, we take care of all your plumbing needs regardless of the cause. Our emergency plumbing engineers are proficient and experienced in handling various types of plumbing emergencies including:

  • Leaks or burst pipes

  • Blocked drains

  • Hot water emergencies

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  • Our professionals value integrity
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Strathfield Plumbing Emergency

The wind was getting a little strong outside, but the sun was hot and it was perfect washing weather. Her daughter had already done her basket of washing, so

Lara only had to worry about her husband’s work uniforms and her own clothes. She tossed the lot in the washing machine and let it do its cleaning thing

while she picked up a book and sat outside. Saturdays were always best spent relaxing, especially after a hard week at work, dealing with teenagers and their

erratic ways. She had a pile of Year 10 essays to mark, but that could wait until after lunch, after all the house chores were done. Halfway through her

chapter she heard the washing machine end, so she got up to collect it. The floor was wet when she stepped into the laundry. Fearing the washing machine had

leaked, she pushed the door open and found water spraying from a hose on her hot water system. Not knowing what to do, she ran for her phone and looked

online for an emergency Strathfield Plumber.

Before the Neighbourhood Plumber even arrived he was helpful. He instructed Lara to shut water off to the tank, and when she couldn’t figure out how to do

it, he talked her through locating the water meter and shutting water off to the house. He arrived to find that a flexi on the hot water system had burst.

Before he started repairing the problem, he explained that the connection was actually considered illegal as it was unsafe on hot water heaters. He assured

her that it was the installer of the hot water system who had done wrong, not her. The hose, he explained, wasn’t able to deal with the constant pressure and

heat of a hot water service so after time they wore away and burst, just like this one. The standard connections were made of copper and weren’t susceptible

to bursting and spraying everywhere. Lara hadn’t known that and was grateful the Strathfield Plumber had taken the time to explain the problem to her. She

had him go ahead and fix the heater, glad that he’d been able to get here so quickly! She watched as he removed the damaged hose and installed copper piping.

He also checked the hot water system to ensure it was functioning normally, which it was. After the health check he tidied up his worksite and mopped up as

much of the water as he could.

For a Plumber you can rely on in Strathfield in the middle of an emergency, contact your local Neighbourhood Plumber now on 0488 886 246!

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Urgent Plumbing

In case you need of plumbing emergency, for instance, blocked drain, burst pipe or broken down hot water appliances, these experts will help you right after receiving your phone call. The plumbing service which can be found by plumber are toilets and cisterns, burst pipes, blocked drains, repair leaking taps, hot water heater, bathroom and tap ware, gas fitting etc.

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Bursting Pipes: A Plumbing Emergency

Blast pipes are believed water related crisis plumbing debacles. Calling an emergency plumbing expert is usually recommended within a blast pipe circumstance to get rid of many waters from inciting electrical or structural decimation to houses and organizations. For almost any home placed in an area that experiences frosty temperatures, solidifying water line is a typical issue.