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  • Plumber Strathfield Blocked Drains

    Blocked Drains

    Miguel had been meaning to have his shower checked out, but he’d just kept putting it off. He was regretting the neglect right now, as water swilled around…

  • Plumber Strathfield Hot Water

    Hot Water

    The alarm hadn’t gone off, again! Well, it had, and she’d hit off instead of snooze, but still! Anastasia jumped into the shower and jumped out again just as quickly…

  • Plumber Strathfield Emergency Plumbing

    Emergency Plumbing

    The wind was getting a little strong outside, but the sun was hot and it was perfect washing weather. Her daughter had already done her basket of washing…

  • Plumber Strathfield Pipe Relining

    Pipe Relining

    Plumbing problems can happen seemingly out of nowhere. One opens the tap and all of a sudden, he or she finds that the tap or the pipe it is attached to has started leaking.

Facts You Should Know About Strathfield

Plumber Strathfield

Strathfield is situated 14 kilometres from the Sydney CBD and is a major transport interchange for Sydney buses and trains located in the Inner West. Strathfield is one of Sydney’s most culturally diverse suburbs with a variety of restaurants offering the culinary delights of Korea and China. Strathfield contains high density housing located around Strathfield railway station to the varied architectural styles ranging from Californian Bungalows, Federation and Victorian through to modern housing. The oldest house in the area dates back to the 1870’s with the most desirable real estate located in the “Golden Mile”.

If you are considering renovating an older style home we are able to assist you when you need to remove fitting and cap off bathroom, kitchen and laundry pipework as well as safely draining and disconnecting your hot water heater. Before planning to remodel your bathroom consult Plumber Strathfield for the most cost effective placement of fittings and ideal sizes. Remember purchasing fittings from overseas could mean that they are unable to be installed due to Australian standards or replacement parts are either expensive or impossible to obtain.

Being an established suburb with houses built prior to the 1970’s home owners should also be aware that many homes were built with galvanised pipes which have an expected life of fifty years. If you have noticed a drop in water pressure it could be the galvanised pipes breaking down, corroding from the inside. If you notice a drop in pressure or your water supply is discoloured call Plumber Strathfield and we can inspect the pipes for you.

7 Reasons you can count on Plumber Strathfield…

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    We value professionalism

    We guarantee our appointment and will call you on approach

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    We value integrity

    We provide you a guaranteed price before we even lift a wrench

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    100% Quality Service

    All of our work is guaranteed 100%

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    Emergency Services

    Plumbing Emergency services on standby 24 hours, 7 days a week

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    Cost Effective Services

    We offer a FREE plumbing and safety inspection, with multiple job discounts

  • 6

    Equipped and on-time

    Our vehicles are fully stocked like a mobile plumbing store

  • 7

    Dedicated Professionals

    Specialising in blocked drains, we will get your drains running again

Our staff are rained in all aspects of plumbing and gas fitting and we can provide the following services to our Strathfield customers;

  • Dripping tapware repaired or replaced

  • Running Toilets, leaking cisterns repaired and cracked bowls replaced

  • Gas Services including repairs to existing lines or installation of new lines and bayonets

  • Locating and repairing leaking water pipes

  • Ecologically friendly rainwater tanks installed, repaired or replaced

  • Sewer and stormwater drains cleared, inspected, repaired, re-lined or re-run

  • Hot Water System repairs, replacement, upgrades and Solar Hot Water installations

All plumbing jobs that are booked directly on our website at

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Plumber Strathfield does a “suite” job

There was a crack in the toilet pan, Brian noticed as he scrubbed the toilet. Maybe he should look for a Plumber to see to it … after all, the toilet had been refilling and running water in the bowl for weeks now, and there was a small puddle of water that kept appearing at the base. He should probably take the initiative and do it before Molly started nagging him about it.

He looked up local Strathfield Plumbers once he was finished cleaning. The first result looked promising, so he rang and booked in an appointment for the following morning. The Plumber arrived just after Molly had left for work. He was cleanly dressed and polite. He looked at the toilet and went through its issues. The pan was loose from the floor, and cracked. It would need to be re-seated, but ideally replaced because of the crack. Two valves in the cistern had broken and needed replacing. He ran through the cost of the jobs, before admitting that it was probably cheaper and better in the long run to replace the entire toilet suite. Knock out two problems at once.

Molly had been talking about looking for a new toilet … imagine how pleased she’d be, coming home to find he’d already organised it for her! He agreed and asked if the Plumber had time to do it today. The Plumber checked with his supplier. They were in luck, there was a toilet suite ready to be picked up, and it was the style Brian had picked! The Plumber picked it up and began the install. He tested the toilet suite and then tidied up once he was finished. Brian got the Strathfield Plumbers number and saved it in his phone before the Plumber left. Barely half an hour later, Molly pulled into the driveway. Brian raced out to meet her, eager to show her the excellent work that had been done in the bathroom.

Have you been thinking about replacing some plumbing fixtures, or simply needs a leaking tap repaired? Call your local Strathfield Plumber on 0402 290 290 and organise an appointment today!

What People Say

“Excellent work. Shane knew what he was doing. Service was much appreciated!”




“Excellent work. Shane knew what he was doing. Service was much appreciated!”

“I’ve so many plumbers since we’ve lived here with zero satisfaction. Your technician was pleasant, professional and knew what he was doing. Fantastic!"




“I’ve so many plumbers since we’ve lived here with zero satisfaction. Your technician was pleasant, professional and knew what he was doing. Fantastic!"

“Very polite and helpful man, very pleasant”




“Very polite and helpful man, very pleasant”

"Nick rang to inform me he was running late and was on his way – much appreciated as tradesmen often don’t bother to do that."




"Nick rang to inform me he was running late and was on his way – much appreciated as tradesmen often don’t bother to do that."

"Quick, prompt and courteous. Thank you!"




"Quick, prompt and courteous. Thank you!"